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Campaigning is at the forefront of Pride.
After 2 years of not being able to celebrate Pride in our city, we are excited to announce the theme for the (delayed) 30th anniversary Brighton & Hove Pride LGBTQ+ Community Parade 2022 will be ‘Love, Protest & Unity’


Our theme was created after positive feedback from community groups and to embrace our continued campaign aims.

Love – a declaration of love for all our LGBTQ+ siblings and confirmation that we will always stand together as a community

Protest – acknowledging that the Pride movement has its roots in protest and committing to continuing the fight for global human rights

Unity – as our hard fought for rights are being eroded around the world, a recognition that our differences make us stronger and commitment to campaign until all are treated equally

With community at its heart, LOVE · PROTEST · UNITY will bring the city together to remember, to celebrate and to campaign.

Brighton Pride is a Pride with purpose, wearing its campaigning heart on its ever-fabulous sleeve. Since 2014 the campaigns 78 Countries: Freedom To Live, BrightonPride25, Uniting Nations, #WeStandTogether and Pride Respect have ensured Brighton Pride has remained committed to shining a spotlight on LGBTQ+ issues.

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