We are looking for an amazing team of volunteers for all our events – the Pride Dog Show, Pride Community Parade, Pride Festival, Pride Village Party and more. In return for your time you will be given a ticket for Pride as well as a lunch voucher for your kind efforts.

We would like to thank you for all for the hard work you are putting into our busiest and most spectacular Pride to date for Brighton & Hove. The event would be impossible without you and the time you are giving.

Please sign up HERE and we’ll be in contact a couple of months before Pride.


Campaigning With Pride

First raised in protest in San Francisco by Harvey Milk in 1978, the Pride rainbow flag created by activist and artist Gilbert Baker represents everything we strive for as an...
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Pride Not Prejudice

A collection of 21 essays written by transgender and non-binary people in the UK. With increasing misinformation in the media about transgender and non-binary issues, there has never been a...
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AmEx – flying the flag

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As a Leading Partner of Brighton Pride, American Express® is proudly flying the rainbow flag at its 1 John Street office ahead of this weekend's 'Carnival of Diversity: Uniting Nations' Pride celebrations. More...
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