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The Brighton Pride Festival is taking place on Saturday 3rd August in Preston Park. The community and family LoveBN1Fest will take place on Sunday 4th August. The Saturday and Sunday festivals in the park are part of a much larger weekend of events across the city including the Village Party and Pleasure Gardens. 

Pride Festival in Preston Park / 2019

It takes more than 7 days to build the Pride festival site and in previous years the park was completely open to the public, but this has become dangerous with children running around vehicles and people playing football whilst large structures were being built. Pride take safety very seriously, therefore we have worked with the council and our safety team to develop a staggered closure which will create safe areas for park users and safe working areas for our build crew. This year we’ve listened to residents’ feedback and have made some positive changes to the build schedule to allow better access across the Park for dog walkers. We’re also enhancing fencing, security and lighting for the park egress at the end of Saturday night’s Pride event as well as appointing a new dedicated residents liaison.

Pride recognised the inconvenience to residents over Pride weekend but we endeavour each year to improve communication and we hope that residents will take to opportunity to sign up to our newsletter so we can keep everyone informed of any up to date developments.

Preston Park Build dates and times

08:00-18:00 Friday 26 July: The area in RED will be fenced off to allow the load in of the stage to start.

You will still be able to walk up Lime Tree Walk an on Front Road.

08:00-18:00 Saturday 27 July: Stage build will start after Park Run has taken place.

08:00-18:00 Sunday 28 July: Stage build will continue after Junior Park Run has taken place.

08:00-18:00 Monday 29 July: This is the start of the main build, there will be lots of deliveries to the park.

The fence line will start to go up around the park. During this time the whole

park is accessible but we do advise caution as there will be lots of vehicle


08:00-18:00 Tuesday 30 July:  The fence line will be completed. The light orange area and red area are

closed to the public. As local residents ourselves we know people cut across

the park to get to work.

You will be able to go through the park from north (GATE Y) to the south (GATE K) every morning between 06:30 – 07:45 Tuesday 30 July – Friday 2 August 2019.

There is a dedicated route on Lime Tree Walk open and staffed for people to go from east to west through the park until Thursday 1 August 08:00.

08:00-18:00 Wednesday 31 July:   At 18:00 the YELLOW area will be closed to the public.  This will re-open at 08:00 on Wednesday 7 August. The south east end of the park including the basketball courts, children’s playground, tennis courts, bowling green, gym and rose garden will be open. There will be fencing going up but you will still be able to use these areas.

08:00 – 20:00 Thursday 1 August: At 18:00 the basketball court and areas around the tennis court (GREEN) will be closed. This will re-open on Sunday 4 August at 09:00

20:00 -23:00 Police barriers to be installed on Preston Road – this is noisy work and we have moved it earlier to try and minimise disruption

Resident fencing will be installed on Preston Road on Thursday evening whilst the road is closed.

08:00–22:00 Friday 2 August: At 18:00 the children’s playground, tennis courts, Rose Garden and bowling green’s (LIGHT BLUE) will be closed.  These will reopen on Sunday 4 August at 09:00. Some lighting testing will take place after dark but there will be no noisy works.

Resident fencing will be installed by 18:00

06:00 -03:00 Saturday 3 August: We will be fencing around the rose garden on Saturday 3 August to protect the flowers.

23:00-03:00 cleansing of site (any noisy work to be minimised)

06:00 – 01:00 Sunday 4 August: 06:00 – 11:00 Change over for Sunday show

22:00 – 00:30 majority of traders and concessions will leave the event site

The playground, gym, rose garden, Rotunda, bowling greens and tennis courts (LIGHT BLUE/ GREY) will re-open to the public at 09:00.

The remainder of the park will be closed for Love BN1 Festival.

After the event, the team work really hard to get the park open and back to full use as soon as possible and we reverse the phases.  We will be opening the children’s playground, tennis courts and wildfire garden ready for use on Sunday morning.

The GREEN area will be open by Monday morning.

08:00-20:00 Monday 5 August: Event de-rig continues – pedestrian walkways in operation (Gate Y to Gate K)

08:00-18:00 Tuesday 6 August: Event de-rig continues – pedestrian walkways in operation (Gate Y to Gate K)

08:00-18:00 Wednesday 7 August: Remainder of park open 08:00

If, for any reason i.e. severe weather, the build or de-rig is delayed we may need to work past 18:00. This will be decided on a daily basis and will be formally communicated to the council. We would only implement this if a continuation of the build or de-rig during the daytime  meant causing damage to the park.


Soundchecks are needed to test the system. Sometimes these will be at higher levels than the show itself. Sound checks will not run continuously for the duration. They will take place on:
15:00 – 18:00 Friday 2 August
09:30-13:00 Saturday 3 August
10:30-13:00 Sunday 4 August

Thank you for your understanding

You can see the dates and times of restricted park access during Pride week on the above map.

For road closure information, click here.

Saturday 3 August Preston Road will be closed between South Road and Stanford Avenue from 10:00 – 00:00 – only emergency vehicles and official carers will be allowed access during this time.
Sunday 4 August The road will be open from 01:00 – 20:00. The road will be closed from 20:00 – 00:00 for cleaning and removal of barriers.

preston park Residents’ LIAISON

We have a dedicated resident helpline number to receive reports and, wherever possible, address the concerns of local residents including any noise complaints.

Residents number – 01273 855 873 ext. 3

This line will be staffed between

09:00 – 17:00 Thursday 25 July – Friday 2 August
09:00 – 23:00 Saturday 3 August
11:00 – 23:00 Sunday 4 August
09:00 – 17:00 Monday 5 – Wednesday 7 August

You can also check the website at or email

In addition there will be a member from the Park Team allocated to resident queries. They will be based at the park over the weekend and will able to talk to you directly as required.

We anticipate the majority of visitors to have cleared Preston Park by 23:30 on Saturday night and 22:00 on Sunday night and will endeavor to ensure that residents experience minimum disruption.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation and understanding.

Our thanks and best wishes, Brighton Pride CIC

Pride Village Party 2019

Following Brighton & Hove City Councils recent review and consultation around the PVP continuing to operate in the same location over Pride weekend, we are writing to inform you that the Pride Village Party will be taking place on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August 2019.
The PVP event times are as follows, this is when music and outside bars are in operation.
Saturday 3rd August: 4pm – Midnight
Sunday 4th August: 3pm – 9pm 
Our aim, as always, is to run a safe, well-managed event while ensuring that all residents have access to and from their homes/shops during the time that the event is taking place is a priority during the weekend.
Wristband Deliveries.
Pride volunteers will hand deliver wristbands to households that have a secure letter drop facility. We are planning on making wristband deliveries between 10am and 10pm from Friday 26th July – Wednesday 31st July. Obviously this is quite a task to undertake, but hope that it helps to alleviate any concerns over access issues during the event. 
Resident Wristband Collection from The Rainbow Hub
This year the Rainbow Hub have offered to run the resident collection point for any resident who are unable to get to the pride box office from…
Tuesday 23rd July – Friday 26th July
Monday 12 -6pm
Tuesday 3 -7pm
Wednesday 12 – 8pm
Thursday 3 – 8pm
Friday 12 – 5pm
Your will find the Rainbow Hub at 93 St James St., BN2 1TP. Please take proof of residency with you when you go to pick up your wristbands.
Wristband Collection: Pride Box Office 
For residents that share their letter box with a number of other residents ie multiple occupancy buildings and who have communal mailboxes or shared front doors is for us to ask, wherever possible, that you collect in person from our Box Office in the week running up to the event. Obviously, if there are situations where this may pose particular difficulties, then we will do our best to make alternative arrangements to get your wristbands to you.
Our Box Office will be open from Tuesday 30th July to Sunday 4th August. Please go to the resident collection point as directed by Pride volunteers. 
Box Office opens 4pm – 8pm on 30/7/19 and then 10am – 8pm Wednesday to Saturday 
Should you need us to arrange an alternative method of getting your wristbands to you, please email us on and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We will still need to ask for some form of proof of residency when issuing wristbands – a driver’s license with this letter would be perfect.
Guests, Parties & Special Discount on Additional Wristbands
Each household will be entitled to up to four wristbands as standard, although we will obviously ensure that all residents have full access in the case of larger households, where proof of residency is provided.
We also appreciate that Pride weekend is a popular time to host guests and hold house parties. To this end we will assist as much as possible, and we are able to offer an exclusive residents’ discount rate for the purchase of additional wristbands for the Pride Village Party at £10 each for your guests or Pride will provide you with special invites for you to give to your party guests in advance so that they can get to your home easily or they can upgrade to party wristbands for the special £10 rate from the box office.
If you have any questions, or perhaps have concerns over any aspect of the Pride Village Party, then please do not hesitate to contact us by email at Please quote your full name and address to help us deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.