Founded in the 1960s, the University of Sussex has always stood for freedom of thought and diversity in its approach.

It’s an attitude our students have always adopted – and always will. They are curious, compassionate and proactive in pushing for change.

More than 15,000 students arrive at Sussex from over 100 countries, spanning broad social and cultural origins.

They study degrees ranging from Genetics to Criminology, from Astrophysics to Journalism.

Many pursue subjects as postgraduates, from Cancer Cell Biology to Robotics, from Corruption and Governance to Sexual Dissidence.

They leave Sussex ready to shape the wider world.

We’re supporting Brighton Pride because we stand for what Pride stands for – we both want to change things.

We are a top-20 UK university with Nobel Prize-winners to our name, at the forefront of research and ranked first in the world for Development Studies.

But we know how to celebrate, too – keep an eye out for us in the parade!

Have a great Pride.