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The Brighton Rainbow Fund is registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with a remit to receive donations, mainly from funds raised within our local LGBTQ+ communities, and to distribute them as grants to LGBTQ+ and HIV groups and organisations in Brighton and Hove. We have no premises, or paid workers, so all donations can go to the good causes.

For fundraisers, whether it be local businesses and venues, individuals, or local fundraising groups, we are a trusted and transparent way of making sure that that the funds they work so hard to raise go where they are needed, without having to make difficult choices between competing requests for support from local organisations.

In the over 30 year history of Brighton Pride, in its various incarnations, there has always been an element of fundraising, with varying degrees of success. As a Community Interest Company and under the leadership of director Paul Kemp and his team, there has been a declared intention of creating a “Pride With Purpose” with a minimum £1 from every ticket sold for the Pride Festival in Preston Park, and £1 from every wrist band sold for the Pride Village Party coming directly to The Rainbow Fund, and our independent grants panel, to assess applications for grants.

Last year (2022) Pride raised £220,000 for The Brighton Rainbow Fund to distribute, enabling groups and organisations to continue their work, and to fund some innovative new projects. On their behalves I would like to thank you for the support you give them by supporting Pride.

Chris Gull, Chair of The Rainbow Fund.

Read some testimony from grant recipients here.

2022 Awards

The Rainbow Chorus
for outreach and support for Sign Language Users

The Rainbow Chorus
for continuing support of the RC+ project

to train volunteers to carry out training in LGBTQ+ groups and organisations

for One to One outreach support

The Clare Project
to support the Nourish Project

The Clare Project
to kickstart a TNBI Voluntary Community Support Project

Radical Rhizomes 
for continuing support of the QTIPOC project

for continuing support of the Counselling Project

Lunch Positive
kickstart for a new Tuesday ‘Warm House’ drop-in, in response to the cost of living crisis

Lunch Positive
continuing support for the Friday HIV Lunch Club

Trans Pride
to recruit a Trans Centre Co-ordinator to increase capacity

Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard
(with Stonewall Housing and the Outside Project) to pilot an LGBTQ+ Night Shelter for Brighton & Hove

2019 Awards

The Rainbow Chorus
Outreach For Sign Language Users
Up To £1,800

Radio Reverb
The Hiv Happy Hour

Lunch Positive
The 50+ Supper Club
Up To £3,100

Out Of The Blue And Peer Support Group Work
Up To £6,000

Men Talk Health
Development And Capacity Building
Up To £6,000

Blueprint 22
L Zone – Lesbian Visibility Project
Up To £6,200

Rainbow Chorus
RC+ Project
Up To £6,500

Older And Out
LGBT Elders Lunch Club
Up To £6,600

Peer Action
Complementary Therapy And Yoga Sessions
Up To £6,750

Trans Can Sport
Video Project
Up To £7,200

QTIPOC Narratives Collective
Community Led Mental Health Support
Up To £7,500

The Sussex Beacon
Positive Living Programme
Up To £8,300

The Clare Project
Tuesday Drop In
Up To £8,500

Grief Encounters
Up To £9,600

The Clare Project
Core Funding And Charity Development
Up To £9,700

Brighton & Hove LBGTQ Groups
Supported By Latest Cic
Up To £9,500

Lunch Positive
Friday Lunch Club
Up To £9,600

Switchboard And Lunch Positive
Seed Funding For New LGBTQ+ Befriending Service

Counselling Service

Radical Rhizome
Safe QTIPOC Social Space
Up To £10,000

Blueprint 22
Inside Out Project
Up To £10,800

The Rainbow Cafe – LGBTQ+ Dementia Support
Up To £11,700

Support For YoungLGBTQ+ People
Up To £15,300


Sea Serpents Rugby Football Club
Grant up to £1,000 to establish a bursary fund to encourage LGBTQ+ participation in sport and address social isolation.

Rainbow Families
Grant up to £1,500 for core costs, mostly venue hire for events.

My Genderation
Grant up to £2,500 for seed funding film project to celebrate trans lives and experiences, plus support to source further funding to complete project.

Grant up to £1,700 for core costs and up to £3,000 for production of 12 podcasts addressing mental health issues within the LGBTQ+ communities. Total £4,700

Peer Action
Grant up to £5,460, part funding for core costs, yoga and therapy sessions.

Older and Out
Grant up to £6,000 for continued support for monthly lunch, networking and information club for LGBT+ Elders.

Longhill School LGBTU group, supported by Latest CIC
Grant up to £6,870 for involvement of 20 to 30 LGBTU+ students and their allies to produce a TV series for broadcast, to be used in Schools. Latest CIC will provide Directors’ time for free, discounted studio time and technical support.

Marlborough CIC QTIPOC project
Grant up to £7639, for start up funds for a new QTIPOC monthly meet up with creative workshops.

The Sussex Beacon
Grant up to £7,640 for group work programme.

The Rainbow Chorus
Up to £6,520 continued funding for RC+ project and up to £1,500 for outreach and support for the LGBT+ Deaf Community. Total £8,020

Lunch Positive
Grant up to £5,000 for continued part funding of Friday Lunch Club: Up to £1,400 for capacity building and outreach to new members: Up to £1,550 to seedfund and support new wellbeing project: and up to £3,770 to seedfund and support new Supper club for over 50s. Total £11,720

Grant up to £4,989 for continued support for ‘Out of The Blue’, and peer support group work: Up to £10,000 for continued support for part funding of counselling project. Total £14,989

The Clare Project
Grant up to £1,700 for core costs and Up to £15,000 for capacity building, outreach and community engagement. Total £16.700

Grant for up to £11,500 for continued support for The Rainbow Café LGBTQ Dementia project: Up to £7,000 for seed funding and support for new “Grief Encounters” LGBTQ+ Bereavement project. Total £18.500

Allsorts Youth Project
£6,124 grant for continued support for Transformers and other trans specific youth group work and up to £13,778  for LGBTQ+ youth group work, particularly around mental health and well being. Total £19.902

The Brighton and Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum
Grant up to £5,265 for volunteer and wellbeing training for Community Safety Forum and Rainbow Hub in their new shared premises on St James Street: Up to £15,076 continued support for The Next Step project. Total £20,341


£5,000 to Allsorts Youth Project towards continued support for Transformers (trans youth group 16-25) and One to One support.

£1,725 to Brighton Gems towards core funding including venue hire for two meetings a month.

£5,000 to The Clare Project towards One to One Counselling Project for trans people in conjunction with Clinic T.

£7,150 to The Rainbow Chorus received for core funding, and continued support for the RC+ project.

£5,270 to Older and Out for continuing support for monthly lunch club for LGBT+ Elders.

£7,500 to Sussex Beacon for part funding for group work.

£1,800 to Accessibility Matters for core funding.

£1,000 to Whitehawk LGBT+ Support Group as seed funding to assist through early stages of setting up and constituting a new LGBT+ group for East Brighton.

£5,000 to Trans Alliance for production of high quality video to be used in Trans Awareness Training.

£7,300 to Peer Action for core funding, and continued support for monthly therapy days and weekly yoga sessions.

£8,082 to Lunch Positive for core funding, and continuing support for weekly lunch club to provide information, social inclusion, and a healthy meal for people living with, or affected by, HIV.

£14,989 to MindOut for continued support for Out of the Blue suicide prevention peer support group, facilitation of an open, weekly, social support group and part funding for a new LGBTQ+ counselling service.

£11,725 to Brighton and Hove LGBT Switchboard for The Rainbow Café – a project to reduce isolation for LGBT+ people living with dementia, their families and carers.

£29,147 to LGBT Community Safety Forum towards cost of four public meetings a year to hold statutory authorities to account on behalf of our communities; a one-off purchase of two scooters to allow volunteers to respond more quickly to over 500 call outs per year for their 24/7 outreach service and continued support for the Next Step Project to help 50 LGBT+ people move on, into employment, training, and volunteering opportunities.

Rainbow Fund Fundraising award: Presented to Brighton Bear Weekend

Brighton Pride Fundraising Award: Presented to Legends.


£1,974 to Accessibility Matters toward core costs of running the project which delivers access to Pride for disabled people

£5,000 to Allsorts for their work with young trans people at Transformers

£1,508 for FTMB to help them double their meetings to two a month

£4,889 to MindOut, the LGBT mental health project to support ‘Out of the Blue’ a suicide prevention and peer support group and a further weekly social peer support group

£2,000 to Radio Reverb for the ‘HIV Happy Hour’ weekly radio show dealing with issues surrounding HIV

£6,850 to Rainbow Chorus towards core funding and to develop the work to provide opportunities for people who just want to sing and don’t want to perform in concerts

£10,066 was awarded to Lunch Positive towards the cost of providing a healthy meal each Friday for people with HIV

£5,000 to Trans Can Sport to help transgender and gender variant people have access to sport

£10,098 to BluePrint 22 a young persons project to support ‘Work it Out’ a project supporting 60 young people who have experienced barriers to employment, enterprise and education because of their sexuality or gender

£2,720 to Brighton GEMS to enable them to add a second daytime meeting to their monthly Friday evening meetings

£6,493 to Peer Action towards core costs and continuing to provide therapies and yoga sessions for people with HIV

£5,010 to Older and Out to help continue their once a month social club for older LGBT+ people 

£12,514 to the LGBT Community Safety Forum for core costs, a self-defence course and a new Outreach programme


GEMS – £ 2,500
Grant towards Core Funding Costs

PEER ACTION – £ 7,500
Grant towards Core Funding Costs, providing Complementary Therapies and Yoga sessions for people affected by HIV

OLDER AND OUT – £ 5,000
Grant towards providing continuing support for social activities, lunches and representation for LGBT elders

MINDOUT – £ 4,889
Grant towards Suicide Prevention Programme ‘Out of the Blue’ and continuing support for social group

Grant to pay for external clinical supervision for counsellors

Grant towards Core Funding costs and delivering Trans Awareness training to businesses and employers

Grant towards Core Funding costs and continued support for ‘Living Well Courses’

Grant towards funding a range of activities and events designed to engage older children within LGBT families to develop friendships

Grant towards equipping Rainbow Fund Treatment Room for use of nurses and service users of the Sussex Beacon

Grant towards Core Funding costs and continued support for weekly lunches

Grant towards Core costs, safety training and information sessions delivered from a portable trailer in St James Street

Grant towards Core funding costs, BSL signers at Pride and a Hate Crime Needs Assessment

Grant towards meeting room hire costs

RADIO REVERB – £ 3,000
Grant towards sponsoring 52 one hour weekly radio shows for the HIV community called The HIV Happy Hour

Grant to establish a new singing group with more assessable rehearsal times and less pressure, creating greater social inclusion

ALLSORTS – £ 5,000
Grant towards delivering services to trans children and LGBT young people