OneFamily is once again #ProudToBe partners of Brighton and Hove Pride.

Modern family finance, for all of us

OneFamily is a financial services business based in Brighton employing 600 local people and serving over 2.6 million people across the UK.

We do things differently to other financial services companies. We are owned by our customers, and they are our focus and inspiration. We develop and offer financial products that make sense for families today, whatever their shape or size.

We believe finance is no longer personal; it’s intergenerational and it’s shared. We know families want to help each other, whether that’s helping children or grandchildren get on the housing ladder, or funding retirement, and that’s where OneFamily comes in.  When we all understand finance, talk about it and invest in our futures together, we are all stronger.

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OneFamily CEO, Simon Markey, said: “We are really excited to be continuing our support of Brighton & Hove Pride and look forward to what will be a spectacular showcase that really celebrates the diversity of the city.
“As a Brighton employer it is great to be able to support a local event that so many of our employees and their families enjoy and take part in.”