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Putting campaigning at the forefront of Pride, #WeStandTogether, a call to action for all in the LGBTQ+ community and our allies to stand up to all types of discrimination as we celebrate Pride and the advances in equality and inclusion over the last 5 decades.

Brighton & Hove Pride is about every aspect of our community, respecting each participant, and our sole ethos is to promote respect and diversity within our communities; whilst supporting our local charities and good causes is the cornerstone of our Pride.

Campaigning is at the forefront of Pride and, as in previous years, we are using the city’s lamp post banner sites to spread LGBTQI+ campaign messages to the wider public.

In previous years we have highlighted some of the appalling hate crime statistics, and called out transphobia, biphobia, racism and homophobia, and campaigned for global LGBTQI+ rights.

This year for our 30th anniversary we are keeping it closer to home and have called on community groups to share their messages, whether that be a campaign, a celebration, or a statistic. These stories will then spread across the city throughout Pride on lampposts as well as across the world on our social media channels. We are delighted to have partnered with Yahoo to amplify those messages to a global audience.

As part of our on-going #WeStandTogether campaign we are also committed to continuing the fight for global LGBTQI+ rights, including:

  • Demanding a reform of the Gender Recognition Act
  • Demanding a Trans-inclusive ban of LGBTQI+ conversion therapy
  • Raising awareness of LGBTQI+ human rights worldwide
  • Providing a safe haven for LGBTQI+ refugees

As always, our lead group in the Pride Parade on Saturday 6th August will feature messages and support for our local community groups as well as the global LGBTQI+ community.

#WeStandTogether confirms Brighton & Hove Pride’s commitment to raising awareness of intersectionality, the overlapping of social identities and how discrimination against one ultimately represents discrimination against all.
Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex + Allies