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Commissioned by Brighton Pride, We Are Pride is a new online short documentary from Spirited Pictures examining what the Pride movement means to people today. Contributors include LGBT+ rights advocates as well people who have not spoken on the subject before.

Through the testimonies of representatives from countries where homosexuality and transgender identification is criminalised, We Are Pride also examines the global LGBT+ rights movement and the importance of demonstrating solidarity with communities living in repressive conditions. We Are Pride reminds the viewer that the term LGBT+ and the community it represents has become an important part of the fabric of multicultural Britain, synonymous with a wider regard for human rights.

Directed by Flora Berkeley and produced by Richard King, We Are Pride will be released online to coincide with the Brighton Pride Festival and is an open invitation to the viewer, however they self-define, to join in the celebration of a society that privileges equality, diversity and freedom of expression.

Motivated by a commitment to celebrating and maintaining the difference in the world, and a belief that storytelling causes change, Spirited Pictures is dedicated to making films that show us more of ourselves and the worlds we live in.

Spirited Pictures’ Flora Berkeley said: “We’re delighted to be a part of Brighton Pride. Pride is important to us as a celebration and also as a part of a wider global movement with a rich history and a lot of work still ahead of it. While we’re celebrating our freedom we must remember the many people who are living in repressive situations all over the world. Until everyone is free from persecution and able to live as themselves and love without fear our freedom is incomplete.” 

Paul Kemp from Pride said  “As we celebrate our Freedom to live in the UK we must remember that In five counties across the globe homosexuality is still punishable with the death penalty, while a further 70 imprison citizens just because of who they are.
Until all people are allowed to live with dignity and Freedom Pride must continue highlighting these injustices.
“We are Pride” is part of our ongoing Pride campaign that will remain at the the cornerstone of everything we do, ‘A Pride with Purpose’

We Are Pride segments and full 20 minute documentary below, or on YouTube here.

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