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26 years since the first Brighton Pride march and we’ve come a long way. Equal marriage, legal transgender recognition, our equality enshrined in the workplace and in education, the end of Clause 28 and LGBT+ visibility across the media. And yet look beyond our shores and equality is a dream so many LGBT+ people are denied.

Brighton Pride’s 2016 campaign theme Uniting Nations will turn the spotlight towards our global LGBT+ neighbours. We will highlight the lives of people living in fear of persecution, in fear of their lives, communities struggling for the freedom to live. The global Pride events where rainbow flags on the street are forbidden, marches banned, participants are bullied and harassed, and campaigners beaten and arrested.

Join us in Uniting Nations together. Online and on the streets of our city. At Brighton’s Jubilee Library gallery and campaigning events, on the Pride Festival Main Stage and throughout the two-week citywide Pride festival. As we celebrate Pride in our city, Uniting Nations will enable us to reflect upon the global Pride movement, celebrate its magical diversity and continue to campaign for the equality of LGBT+ people across the world.

Pride celebrations remind us we are not alone. From that very first step each of us took on a Pride march to today’s spectacular celebrations surround by friends, family and supporters we have come so far. As our city unites to celebrate our spectacular Carnival Of Diversity we will remember all those living with oppression and join together Uniting Nations with Brighton Pride.