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Pride at 50 – Dare To Be Different

Campaigning has always at the forefront of Pride, and we couldn’t have achieved the advances in both civil society and legal terms without the thousands of LGBT+ trailblazers who have made a stand and Dared To Be Different.

This year, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ‘Brighton Gay Pride March’ organised by the Sussex Gay Liberation Front in July 1973, we will be remembering and uplifting some of these trailblazers in exhibitions and on lamppost banners across the city.

See all the lamppost banners here.

Whist we commemorate 50 years of progress and the trailblazers who came before us, we also find ourselves as a community in a challenging period with our rights and progress under threat, such as Uganda’s widely condemned new anti-LGBTQ law that includes the death penalty.

As a community, now more than ever we need to stand together with our friends and allies around the world to call out the hatred and injustices particularly those being directed to our Trans siblings. #TransPeopleAreLoved

This year’s Brighton & Hove Pride celebrates our Journey, focuses on our commonalities rather than differences and issues a call to action that we remain steadfast and united in solidarity with the global LGBTQ+ community until all of us are equal.

Brighton & Hove is a city that has always celebrated diversity and we look forward to coming together and sharing the love and making more noise than ever !