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Hailed by The Guardian as always “Always fizzing with richly funny stories” Zoe Lyons has been charming the comedy circuit for years and is the stand-up star we want to be beside.

You are a supporter of many LGBT+ charities including MindOut, as well as being The Rainbow Fund’s first patron. How important is it for you to do so?
There are brilliant people in this city volunteering their time and energy to help and support others and the sense of community is what makes this place special for me.

What makes Brighton Pride so unique?
The organisers of Brighton Pride have done a great job of keeping the event relevant in the past few years and making sure that the city is involved. Brighton Pride is unique, with an emphasis on community.

Why do we still need the LGBT+ Pride movement?
We have come a long way in the last 50 years and here in the U.K. real progress has been made. Sadly though there are still countries where being LGBT+ can have deadly consequences. We only have to look at Chechnya to see that the fight is far from over.

What are your plans for the big day?
I am doing a spot of hosting on the main stage on the Saturday which I am really looking forward to. On the Sunday I dust off the disco outfit and have a shoe shuffle and Monday I’ll have a long lie down!

What’s it like being a one of a growing number of out lesbians in comedy?
Comedy can be a tough business whoever you are. Some people will hate you because you are a woman, some because you are gay, and some because your heads’ the wrong shape. The more out lesbian comedians there are on the circuit the less people feel the need to constantly mention it.

You are often on Radio4’s News Quiz. What is it you love about radio?
I don’t have to brush my hair.

Who has the best knitwear – you, Sandi Toksvig or Sarah Lund?
I own a vintage ski jumper that would make Lund and Toksvig weak at the knees.

What’s been the most fabulous and the most bizarre thing you’ve done for television?
My Live At The Apollo record was the most fun and I recently had to dress up like a giant mallet for Go 8 Bit on Dave.

Just why did that chicken cross the road?
Because she had pressed the button and the green chicken light now indicated that this was a safe time to cross. She was a tremendously cautious bird.

Complete in 140 characters – Being a comic on Twitter is….?
It’s tricky trying to a convey a thought with such a limited number of characters at your disposal I always seem to run out before I have ma

If you could send your teenage self a postcard filled with of advice what would it be?
Pluck your mono brow, you’re supposed to have two eyebrows and don’t worry, everything will be ok.