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The very nature of Pride being an immersive and inclusive festival and celebration builds lasting community capital that is difficult to measure but easy to see. What is easy to measure is the money that is generated by Pride, not only from ticket sales for the festival in the Park but also across the city.

Pride is the largest single event in the City with benefits not only for community groups and charities but also the wider city services, tourism and commercial venues’ profits.

Pride is not just a weekend of parades and parties for the majority of the city’s population, it’s the time when family, friends, neighbours and the city itself recognises them, their relationships and the vibrant breadth of culture and community that the wider LGBT community brings to the quality of life in the city.

Pride is a city-wide celebration of the unique diversity of city. Pride provides a citywide cohesion and focus for the wider community with its positive influence lasting throughout the year which cannot be underestimated. In simple terms it makes you feel part of it and this increases self-confidence, happiness and wellbeing .

Pride empowers communities, enlightens, educates and embraces an equal and diverse society for all.