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As one of the UK’s biggest Pride festivals, Brighton Pride leads the way in campaigning for the rights of our global LGBTQI community.

Campaigning to highlight global LGBT communities and community fundraising is at the cornerstone of everything Pride represents.
As Brighton Pride celebrates its 25th anniversary of Pride In The City, Pride continues to put the global LGBTQ community at the centre of everything it does.
By highlighting the lives of LGBTQI communities across the globe Brighton Pride asks us to look beyond our own backyard and engage with those LGBTQI people living in countries who criminalise or persecute them purely because of their gender or sexuality.

The Egyptian governments recent crackdown on the freedoms enjoyed by gay men with increasing arrests and prosecutions, the horrific pictures allegedly showing two gay men being thrown to their deaths from the top of a tower released by the self proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) earlier this month and the continuing legislative process in the United States against the Supreme Courts ruling in favour of same-sex marriage reminds us of how far we have yet to go as a global community in the fight for LGBTQI equality.

Brighton Pride 2015 Freedom To Live campaign, started in 2013, will show that as a LGBTQI community here in the UK we can stand beside those in other countries and campaign for the freedom to live. The 2015 Brighton Pride Community Parade will highlight the 78 countries where it is illegal to be homosexual or engage in homosexual conduct by once again including 78 placards representing those countries on the parade. Amongst the Pride celebrations, we will remember, we will campaign and we will connect to the many LGBTQI communities across the globe fighting for the freedom to live.

Brighton Pride, proud to be a voice for others, proud to be a Pride with purpose.

Make your voice heard in the fight for global LGBTQI equality and volunteer to hold one of the 78 countries Freedom To Live placards on the Brighton Pride Community Parade.

If you would like to volunteer some time to help Pride 2016 please click register your interest here and you will be contact by email in February 2016.