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He’s one of the godfathers of house music; he’s a multiple Grammy Award winner and he has worked with over 500 artists and producers. He is David Morales and he is headlining at Brighton Pride’s Wild Fruit Summer Of Love Stage.

And we are very excited. But then why wouldn’t we be when one of dance music’s most prolific pioneers is coming to party with us? There are few that have influenced dance music as much as him, working alongside Frankie Knuckles and Judy Weinstein he helped develop house music into the global phenomenon it is today. And with his classic track Needin’ U he made house music personal, creating an anthem for our clubbing lives. But then when the man who is “creating a place for people to forget their troubles for a while. It is important in the world we are living in today,” you just know the party will be perfect this Brighton Pride.

Morales has worked with the biggest names on the world stage including Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Eric Clapton, Pet Shop Boys, U2, Whitney Houston, Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Hector Romero, Quentin Harris, and Jamiroquai. And now he’s coming to play on the Wild Fruit Summer Of Love Stage. A true superstar DJ destined to make us all feel like stars on our very special Pride day. Bringing love back to Brighton. Morales style.

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Brighton & Hove Pride : Friday 4th – Sunday 6th August 2017
Pride Festival : Saturday 5
th August 2017, 12 noon
Pride Community Parade : Saturday 5
th August 2017, 11am
Pride Village Party : Saturday 5th August – Sunday 6th August 2017
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