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Culture ConneX has already surpassed our expectations in terms of the volume of consumers (artists, audiences and participants) and the number of exhibition and performance days originally estimated for this first phase. All of the artists/producers involved in the activity represent protected characteristics or are active socially-engaged allies of PoC/QTIPoc, Neurodiverse, LGBTQI+, Disabled and/or economically-challenged communities. We have also secured new partnerships with; Alison Lapper MBE who presented a talk at the Brighton Fringe exhibition ‘Otherwise Engaged’, Chalk Films, Creative Future, Well Balanced Coaching etc.

Arts Council investment has enabled us to provide a supportive cross-artform, intersectional, intercultural, collaborative space to equip and empower artists to engage with both mainstream and culturally specific arts programming. We have also been able to fulfil our ambition to build an ambitious programme and encourage a broader range of communities to participate in culture.

The Cocoa Butter Club

Headline statistics so far;

  • 3 x Exhibitions (114 days)
  • 19 Separate Events – throughout LGBT History Month and Brighton Fringe festival
  • 185 Multi-Disciplinary Artists – Visual Art, Photography, Cabaret, Music, Film, Comedy, Spoken Word, Theatre, Dance
  • 198 Participants

We have succeeded in our mission to combine a professionally curated series of events with community-led creativity to enable artists to participate across both mainstream and culturally specific programming – affording them invaluable exposure and access to professional environments, new audiences, and potential new collaborators;

Lava Elastic - Neurodiverse Comedy Night


  • A vibrant multi-disciplinary programme of cultural events platforming diverse identities and cultural perspectives, so far incorporating;
  • Photography/Visual Art Exhibitions – ‘Identity’, ‘Otherwise Engaged’ and ‘Ice Cream Artworks’
  • Film Screenings/Q&A – Otherness Archive
  • Literature Salons – Poetry Room (Writing Our Legacy) and DIMENSIONS
  • Performing Art – Music, Comedy, Cabaret, Theatre, Dance, Multi-Media: Tramfrau, Lava Elastic, The Qwarks, BLK Diamond Dance, Cocoa Butter Club, The Bitten Peach, ASTRA, Paradigms of a Paradox, Thirty 10 Arts, Visual Poets, UNISEX, Voices of Evil,


The ‘Becoming a Successful Arts Practitioner’ coaching programme was developed in partnership with Well Balanced Coaching to replace the original plan for a series of disparate workshop sessions in response to the needs and aspirations of the target communities. A cohort of 13 participants are already halfway through the programme enthusiastically embracing their new learning on creative entrepreneurship.


The successful applicants for this open access seed fund programme include visual artists filmmakers, performers, producers, writers and curators requesting support to help them produce new material, or to participate in events festivals in Brighton’s cultural calendar, and/or research/workshop materials.

Writing Our Legacy – Poetry Room

Chris Jepson The IDENTITY Project Exhibition (Photography) Plus X Brighton 1st February – 14th March
Tramfrau LGBT History Month (postponed NY Eve) Cabaret/Music (LGBTQI+) Ironworks Studios 12th February
The Bitten Peach Peach on the Beach Cabaret/Music (Asian Artists) Ironworks Studio 18th March
Otherness Archive Vestida de Azul Screening (Trans Theme) Ironworks Studios 24th March
Lava Elastic ‘Lava Elastic’ Comedy (Neurodiverse) Ironworks Studios 12th May
The Cocoa Butter Club ‘The Cocoa Butter Club’ Cabaret (QTIPoC) Ironworks Studios 27th May
Writing Our Legacy Poetry Room Spoken Word/Music (GM) Ironworks Studios 31st May
Naomi Foyle ‘ASTRA’ (Multi-Media) Theatre (GM/Disabled) Ironworks Studios 1st June
Thirty 10 Arts & DIMENSIONS ‘Paradigms of a Paradox’ Theatre (GM)
(Hip Hop Theatre/Dance/Music)
Ironworks Studios 5th June
Danika McElroy, Dawn Blake & Terence Wilde ‘Otherwise Engaged’ Visual Art/Photography Exhibition Plus X Innovation Hub 6th May – 5th June
Lea Sep ‘UNISEX’ Theatre Cellar Bar
@ The Brunswick
9th, 10th, 28th May 2nd June
Alison Lapper
The Qwarks
BLK Diamond Dance
‘Otherwise Engaged’ Private View Event Artist Talks & Presentations Plus X Innovation Hub 18th May
Lachlan Werner ‘Voices of Evil’ Comedy Rotunda Theatre: The Squeak 6th & 31st May 1st & 5th June
Yvonne J Foster ‘Ice Cream Artworks’ Visual Art Exhibition Plus X Innovation Hub 6th June – 17th July
Well Balanced Coaching Course
Diensen Pamben RAVISI Documentary Graphic Design

Otherwise Engaged - Visual Art Exhibition