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Campaigning is at the heart of everything Brighton Pride does. Since 2014 we have ensured the rights of the global LGBT+ community have always been at the forefront of all our campaigns. The freedom to live, to love and to be ourselves, free from hatred, discrimination or criminalisation.

In recent years Brighton Pride has highlighted the lives and struggles of our diverse LGBTQ+ community, be they at home or abroad, past or present.

2014’s 78 Countries: Freedom To Live reflected the hate crimes so many LGBT+ people across the world experience whilst Spirited Picture’s We Are Pride examined just what the Pride movement means today in a world where many were questioning the importance of our multicultural society.

2015’s BrightonPride25 celebrated our 25th anniversary, piecing together our city’s proud story of protest and bravery from those early days of Brighton’s Anti-Clause 28 campaigns to the heady days of Brighton Pride in the 21st century.

2016’s uplifting Uniting Nation’s campaign brought together the inspiring stories of Pride campaigners across the world as they challenged those who would deny them freedom to live.

In 2017 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales and remembered the brave activists and campaigners who fought for the equality we take for granted today. Without them there would be no equal age of consent, employment, educational or parental rights, the full legal recognition of trans people in their appropriate gender, or marriage equality. Without them we would have no Pride.

As we enjoy rights unthought-of just a few years ago, Pride’s duty is to reach out and campaign beside those LGBT+ communities across the world still fighting for their rights. For us Pride is more than a party, an event, a weekend in August, it is a passion. A passion for campaigning for the rights of all LGBT+ people, regardless of gender, race or creed to have the freedom to live.


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