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After two years not being able to celebrate Pride in our city, Brighton & Hove Pride made a triumphant return for its 30th anniversary with the theme of LOVE, PROTEST & UNITY and a weekend packed full of campaigning, protest, and celebration!

Paul Kemp, Managing Director said,
“We are thrilled that Brighton Pride made a successful return to the city for its 30th anniversary. It was a truly fantastic weekend of ‘Love, Protest & Unity’ with campaigning and protest right at the heart of Pride.

“After 2 years of pandemic and lock-downs, the logistics of delivering a large scale event were even more challenging than usual with hurdles including increased costs for cleansing and security, availability of infrastructure etc.

“However, we are really happy to announce this year Pride has raised over £300,000 which will be distributed to our essential local charities, community groups and projects through the Brighton Rainbow Fund, the Pride Social Impact Fund and Pride Cultural Development Fund with special grants through the Pride Solidarity Fund some of which has already been used to support the participation of Ukraine Pride in this year’s community parade.

“We are equally delighted that this year’s fundraising has taken our total amount to almost £1.25 million raised under the current organisation, a fitting achievement for our 30th Anniversary.”

Every year the city of Brighton & Hove is awash with rainbow flags as businesses show their support for Pride and the LGBTQ+ community and an estimated £25.5million is brought into the city’s economy with visitors spending money on accommodation, retail, food and drink over the Pride weekend.

Chris Gull, chair of the Brighton Rainbow Fund, said,
“Wow! Pride is back, and so is The Brighton Rainbow Fund now that we once again have funds to distribute to local LGBTQ+ and HIV projects.

“Pride not only raises funds, but also reminds businesses and venues organising their own events in this period that they can make those events meaningful by raising funds, rather than just grabbing the opportunities that Brighton Pride brings to the city to make a profit without acknowledging the work and effort that it takes to make Pride happen at all.

“We already know from the applications we have received for funding, that the money raised by Pride will make a significant, and positive difference to many of our Brighton & Hove LGBTQ+ communities.”

Firmly established as the UK’s most popular international festival; Brighton & Hove Pride is as famous, vibrant, popular and unique as the city itself. Brighton & Hove Pride’s sole ethos is to promote diversity, inclusion and education within our communities whilst raising much needed funds for our local LGBTQ+ charity and community groups and projects.