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Brighton & Hove Pride are hugely grateful for the continued support of the government’s Culture Recovery Fund Grants Programme which has allowed us to continue to pay freelance staff and contractors and associated running with the ongoing planning of Pride events for 2021.

As well as the continued planning for in-person Pride events, the Culture Recovery Grant has also allowed us to continue as an organisation, plan online activities and develop a fuller year-round diverse cultural programme.

Brighton & Hove Pride is a long-standing event of immense cultural significance in the city and the biggest Pride festival of its kind in Europe. Pride is the largest single event in the city of Brighton & Hove with advantages not only for LGBTQ+ community groups and charities but also the wider general public, city services, tourism and commercial venues all benefit hugely.

We are truly grateful to receive this grant which allows us to continue to plan an all year round cultural programme weather its’s in person or digitally on-line.