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Trans at Work photo exhibition to take place in the Trans Tent on Preston Park this Pride

Photographer Stella Michaels has been photographing a selection of local Trans residents in their workplace for an exciting new exhibition taking place in the Trans Tent at Brighton Pride this year.

Billie Lewis, Volunteer Chair of the LGBT Community Safety Forum and Access & Inclusion Manager for Brighton Pride said: “I am delighted that this project is taking place. I’m proud to be involved in the Trans Space Working Party and happy that my pitch to the group was warmly received and that members of our community are coming forward to take part in the exhibition. I am passionate about the Trans Space and its role within the Community Village on the Festival Park. Working with such a dedicated and inspirational team really has made this years project special. There are quite a few things planned in the space this year and I encourage members of the community, younger or older, to take the time to visit the tent and benefit from all of the hard work that Stella and the other members of the group have voluntarily dedicated their time to over the past few months”.

Stella Michaels, Exhibit Photographer says: “It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here. Being Trans is ordinary, and these pictures are proving it – for what’s more ordinary than going to work? Contrary to the traditional and stereotypical images in the media, here are ordinary trans men and women with ordinary day jobs. The more alert employers are realising the worth of trans people in the workplace, many of whom have historically suffered long-term unemployment as a result of discrimination. “It’s about what you can bring to the party,” as one employer put it”.

“We speak of the gender spectrum, but often forget that ALL those on it have a wide spectrum of skills” Stella explains. “Like rejecting a job applicant because of the colour of their eyes, rejecting someone because they are trans, or non-binary, or gay, or black is not only a loss to us all but a part of another millennium.
Yes, we may still have a lot of work to do and a long way to travel. But it may be a trans person selling us the ticket, driving the bus – or even handing us our pay cheque”.

Photo: Lucy Hawkins MChs, BSc (Hons). PODIATRIST by Stella Michael.

Brighton Pride Festival, Sat 6th August 2016, tickets are available here

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