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The annual Pride community parade is one of the most colourful and exciting visual events in the city’s calendar bringing the whole community out to Brighton & Hove’s streets with over 200,000 people participating and watching the spectacle in all its outrageous colour.

Following the unbridled success of Proud Interventions at Brighton Pride 2016 andwhatarts are delighted to be invited back to develop the project, raise (y)our ambitions, go bigger and harder. In 2016 we will continue to challenge perceptions of what YOU will see in the parade through costume, performance, music and dance. We are very excited to be working not only with Mandinga Arts again but will be pulling in more exceptional arts companies to make 2016 even more surprising.

Expect the very unexpected as we explore themes around ‘language’ in LGBTQI communities historically and now through the mantra ‘sticks and stones will break our bones and names can also hurt us’.

As always we need YOUR help, YOU make this and the volunteers are the life and soul of our artistic dalliances.

We hope to work with at least two existing groups (potentially a young persons support group) and a fleet or other volunteers to man puppets, costumes and make-up in the name of reclaiming a politically charged, colourful Pride event.

Volunteers who take part will receive a free pass for the Pride festival on Preston park.

Please Register your interest here and we will contact you in the next few weeks.