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Brighton Pride is thrilled to announced an exciting exhibition as part of their 2016 theme Carnival Of Diversity: Uniting Nations.

Uniting Nations: The Exhibition will be a unique campaigning celebration of the global Pride movement. Through a collection of photographs and testimony Uniting Nations: The Exhibition will reflect upon the state of Pride today, the celebrations, events and demonstrations that unite us as we follow in the footsteps of those brave few marching for equality in New York in the summer of 1970 as they commemorated the 1969 Stonewall riots.

Connecting us with Pride events across the globe, Uniting Nations: The Exhibition will be an explosion of colour and diversity as we salute the courage of those activists, organisers and participants of Pride events around the world. From the record-beating San Paulo Pride in Brazil to the oppression denying bravery of Uganda Pride via Asia’s largest event, the glorious Taiwan Pride or the defiant Pride marchers in Turkey’s Istanbul, Uniting Nations: The Exhibition will highlight the successes and struggles of the global LGBT+ Pride movement.

Part of the Brighton Pride Arts and Film , Uniting Nations: The Exhibition will be curated by Kate Wildblood and Josephine Bourne and will take place in the heart of the city at Brighton’s Jubilee Library in both the foyer and main exhibition space.

The Uniting Nations project will also be a vital part of the Brighton Pride Festival at Preston Park on Saturday 6th August as images; footage and testimonies from the project will be part of the Main Stage campaigning films and finale video.

Co-curator Kate Wildblood said: “After the success of last year’s BrightonPride25 exhibition Josephine and I are thrilled to be part of such an important campaigning project for Brighton Pride. Every year someone, somewhere is taking their first steps with Pride, organising their first event or march and campaigning for equality. Uniting Nations: The Exhibition will enable us all to connect and hear those proud voices as we celebrate the bravery and diversity of the many Pride communities across the globe”.

Pride Director Paul kemp said: “Along side the party and celebration, it is important not to trivialise the meaning behind Pride. Brighton Pride’s campaigning theme has become a priority for us as we endeavour to highlight the lives and struggles of LGBT+ people across the world as they strive for equality. Brighton & Hove Pride has evolved over the years with more communities coming together to help us raise funds for our local groups and to celebrate every aspect of our city, regardless of sexuality, race, gender, age or ability. 

Whilst in the UK we have come a long way with equality under the law, we must not forget those who’s human rights are still denied them”

Uniting Nations: The Exhibition

22nd July – 7th August 2016 Jubilee Library, Jubilee Square, Brighton BN1 1GE

Mon-Tues & Thurs 10am-7pm. Wed & Fri-Sat 1am-5pm. Sun 11am-5pm. Free entry.

You can catch up with Uniting Nations here: Facebook

Brighton Pride Festival, Sat 6th August 2016, tickets are available here

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