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Jonny Woo and John Sizzle bring you a slice of The Glory to the live We Are FABULOSO TV Studio for Brighton Pride 2020. Think the One Show, meets TGI Friday meets Tizwas. If anyone over 40 remembers that. Its Queer, its fabulous and LIVE…ish.

Jonny Woo and John Sizzle host and chat with guests and introduce some of their best acts.

Live Streaming 31st July – 2nd August •  Subscribe NOW

Diane Chorley and Milky

The Duchess of Canvey and longtime buddy Milky, chat the good old days, give very unsound advice for surviving post lock-down and sing some of their amazing hits from their new album.

Don One

The international Brummie crooner King, serenades the gang with covers of pop hits and big band classics. Looking smart, feeling fine.

Rhys’s Pieces

Badass and bold. Fierce winner of Lipsync 1000. One of The Glory’s fiercest stars raps and struts their thing in the studio. They are hot hot hot!


Grab onto her crystal ball and see what the future holds. A whole lot of fun and nonsense probably. Comedy mystic vibes and tons of crushed velvet.