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Brighton & Hove Pride is a weekend of huge fun and enjoyment and we don’t want that experience spoiled by anything  so here’s some tips on how to make sure you’re safe throughout the weekend.

Pride Respect Campaign

We don’t accept any discrimination towards any individual or groups of individuals, whether working at or visiting any of the Pride sites in the city. Irrespective of the background of the individual, be that gender, race, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity. We are proud of the diverse nature of our events and their customers, if you see or experience anyone undermining this – no matter the severity – please report it immediately to one of our security who will pass it on to the event management team.


The festival’s relaxed atmosphere can offer an easy target for criminals. Take the same precautions as you would on any other night out, and please read through the advice below and plan ahead.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience when entering the event sites. You will probably notice more security this year, please do not be alarmed, this is for your safety and security.

We work closely with Sussex Police and this year you may see more armed police officers around Brighton and at the event sites. Please don’t be worried, we don’t have any intelligence that there are any planned attacks on Brighton Pride, but we feel we would rather be prepared for any eventualities.

We have offered specialist training to all our volunteers and staff for what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Please follow the advice of the stewards and security in an emergency. Your safety is our priority.

There is lots of information available and you can find out more here

There is a really useful app which you can download for free at

You can report an incident at John Street Police Station front office which is open  from 0800 to 0030hrs on the day of Pride.  You can also report matters to any uniformed officer that you see in the street.


A search may be conducted as a condition of entry to premises. All tickets holders will be subject to extra searches of their bags and their person at this year’s event. Please be patient if there are longer queues than normal, and please cooperate with any security requests and searches. Please don’t bring a bag unless necessary as this will slow down your entry. Bags must be under A4 paper size. We reserve the right to search any size bag at any time. Do not bring large bags to the ticketed events as you may be refused entry.

There will be plenty of trained security staff and stewards around the festival site if you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak to them. Please also report anything you are note sure about. Incidents of crime and disorder will be reported to the police.

Entry to the premises will be refused to any person who appears to be drunk, acting in a threatening manner or is violent. Entry to the premises will be refused to anyone convicted by the police of an offence of drunkenness, violence or threatening behaviour, or the use or distribution of illegal substances.


You are not allowed to bring more than 100ml of any liquid (including sun cream) into the event areas, except water, up to 500ml, is allowed in sealed bottles.

You may bring empty water bottles to be refilled in. Water refill points can be found on the park.

Baby food/milk is at the discretion of the security on The Family Gate at Gate A.


There may be loud bangs as part of performances. Please note that pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke machines, strobe lighting or other special effects may take place as part of some act’s performances.



Quite simply – please don’t bring anything you can’t afford to lose.

At the campsite, don’t leave valuables in your tent. Remember that tents are impossible to make secure even if they’re zipped.

Move anything of worth away from your tent door as you sleep. Don’t put a padlock on your tent as this indicates there are valuables inside. Don’t bury your valuables by your tent as someone is bound to be watching.

When walking through the festival – especially at the stages – don’t put money in your back pocket. Use pockets with zips or buy a money belt.


Don’t carry more money than you need to, there are cash machines available in the arena and Village if you need extra (a small charge will apply).

Only bring the bank cards that you need with you. Make a note of the numbers, leaving at home to make cancellation easier if they do go missing.

Mobile Phones and Tablets

There are free apps to track your phone/tablet if it goes missing or gets stolen. Your device is tracked by GPS and can be located online and in some cases be locked remotely. If the phone/device is stolen you can pass this information to the police to help their enquiries.

All Apple devices include an app that can keep track of its whereabouts should it go missing. It can remotely lock your device, display messages, play an alert sound (even if the device is on silent) or even erase all of your personal data at your request. The app needs to be set up in advance, so look out for the ‘Find My…’ app icon on your device to get started.

If using an Android phone, download the AntiDroid app for free before you arrive. It has features such as GPS tracking, email alerts if the SIM card or number is changed, and even allows you to view the photos taken should your phone go missing. The app is available to download from the Google Play Store.

If you think you’ve lost your phone in the park try calling it the next day. We find hundreds of phones after the event and our team will charge them and wait for your call and hopefully will reunite you!

Keep a record of your phone’s unique IMEI number. You can find it by keying in *#06#* on your keypad. Utilise your phone’s security lock or pin number.

Keep your phone well hidden when you are not using it. Don’t keep it exposed for any longer than needed – especially in crowds when taking photos. There are career criminals who target mobile phones stolen at festivals.

You can charge your phone at the mobile phone charging point in the park for a set fee.


Being found in possession of a flare or firework at a music event is now a criminal offence. Anyone found in possession will be removed from site and could face up to 3 months in prison and / or a fine.


If you do become a victim of crime, or if you see a crime happening, please then report the issue as soon as you can to a member of staff. Information coming in live helps us act quickly.

Try to remember as much as possible so you can report it. Try to remember what clothes they were wearing and any facial features. Make a note of exactly where you are if you can – look out for notable locales like loos, fire towers or unusual tents.


Look after yourself, don’t overdo it, and look out for others.

Illegal drugs and NPS are no more legal onsite than off.

Give any passing security or emergency vehicles plenty of space to pass and don’t ride on vehicles.

Serious sunstroke, sunburn or cancer can be caused by the sun on unprotected skin – wear a high factor sun cream.  100ml of suncream alowed onto the site.

Prolonged exposure to high volume noise can cause severe hearing damage. Ear plugs are available at the INFORMATION TENT.


We’re very proud to be a family friendly festival. However there are a few things to note before your family arrive.

We don’t allow anyone under 18 to be at the festival without an adult of 21 or over.

Children under 18 years old need to be accompanied on site at all times.

On Saturday All dance tents are over 18 only.

Any children found on their own, will be looked after by the welfare team and we will try and get in touch. Please go to the Information Point if you have lost your child. It is sensible to show your child where to go to meet you if you do get separated from them.

We recommend you pick up a wristband for your child from the Family Tent to write your mobile number on so we can contact you if you get separated.


Any lost property found during the event is taken to the Information Tent at the Park and to Dorset Gardens Methodist Church at Pride Village Party.

After the event, property will be taken to the Pride office and processed. If you have lost your item at one of the Pride event sites, Please fill in this form. We find a lot so it might take us 7 days to let you know we’ve found your stuff.

Mobile phones we will charge – if you call us on Monday we will answer and try to re-unite you to your phone!


We have St John Ambulance at each of our fenced and ticketed sites.

If you are staying in Brighton for the weekend and have a non-urgent medical request you can go to the –

Brighton Station Health Centre Walk-In Service
(open 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week)
84-87 Queens Road, Brighton
Tel: 0333 321 0946
Or call NHS 111

There are a number of late night chemists in Brighton who can help if you’ve forgotten your medication or need advice.

Ashton’s Chemist
Pharmacy, 98 Dyke Rd, 01273 325 020, 9am–10pm

Sainsbury’s Pharmacy
Pharmacy, 93 Lewes Rd, 01273 688 105, 8am–10pm

Asda Brighton Hollingbury Superstore
Supermarket, Unit 1 Crowhurst Road off, Carden Ave, 01273 541 166, 7:30am–12am


In an emergency, please contact the nearest member of security for help.

There are medics at all the Pride ticketed areas who are fully equipped to deal with all situations. The medics have roving patrols and provide an accident and emergency facility. Please do not call 999.

If you have an existing medical condition and need to bring medicines to the Park Festival you can obtain an access band from Accessibility Matters. This means you will be able to access the dedicated facilities at the park as well as use the dedicated Access Gate.


Decide on a meeting point with your friends. Choose a time and place to meet up later in case you get separated from each other.

Keep your phone charged in case you’re separated from your friends.

Pride stewards are here to help you. Don’t be worried about asking for help in any situation, whether it’s asking for directions, to report something or someone you’re worried about.

Stay hydrated. There are drinking water points in the park and all bars must give you water if requested.

Keep your wits about you. Drink responsibly and know your limit..

Mixing drugs with other drugs and / or alcohol / prescription drugs can be a significant danger with risk of death.

Ask for help if you or your friends become unwell immediately. We are here to help you.

Further information is available online –, and the Know Drugs app.