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This information is for 2023 – it will be updated for 2024 nearer the date

The Brighton & Hove Pride Festival is taking place on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2023 in Preston Park and is part of a much larger weekend of events across the city including the Pride Village Party. 

Information will be posted below as plans progress.

Pride Festival in Preston Park / 2023

This year our official fundraiser for the Brighton Rainbow Fund – Fabuloso – takes place on Saturday 5th August and Sunday 6th August, in Preston Park. These events are part of a much wider weekend of events across the city including the Pride Village Party and the Pride Community Parade.

Pride takes safety very seriously and have worked with the council and our safety team to agree safe areas for park users and safe working areas for our build crew. For more information on the park build schedule please see the map inside.

We’re also providing fencing, security and lighting for customers exiting the park along Preston Road at the end of both Pride events in the park.

We have a dedicated residents phone number over the weekend and during the build period. Details on back page.

Pride recognises the inconvenience to residents over the weekend and we endeavour each year to have good communication and hope that residents will take the opportunity to visit our residents page (above) so we can keep everyone informed of any new developments.

Once again we’d like to thank you for your continued support and patience.

information for residents

Sunday 30th July:
Perimeter fence installation begins, park remains open until 20:00hrs

Monday 31st July-Friday 4th August: 08:00-20:00
Scheduled event-site build hours. Orange area closed for public use.

Thursday 3rd August: 20:00-23:00
Resident fencing on Preston Road will be installed from 20:00.
Lighting tests in the park carried out from 21:00.

Friday 4th August: 20:00-00:00
Final preparations before event day including final lighting testing after dark and minimal noisy works after 21:00.

Saturday 5th August:
06:00-12:00: event set up and load-in, some sound checks post 09:00.
12:00-22:30: Event open to ticket holders – Live Event
22:30 onwards: cleansing of site and lighting testing (any noisy work to be minimised)

Sunday 6th August:
06:00-13:30 Change over for Sunday show, including some sound checks post 09:00.
13:30-21:30: Event open to ticket holders – Live Event
21:30 onwards: tech de-rig, majority of traders and concessions will leave the event site (any noisy work to be minimised)

After the event, the team work really hard to get the park open and back to full use as soon as possible.

If, for any reason i.e. severe weather, the build or de-rig is delayed we may need to work later. This will be decided on a daily basis and will be formally communicated to the council. We would only implement this if a continuation of the build or de-rig during the daytime meant causing damage to the park.

Soundchecks are needed to test the system. Sometimes these will be at higher levels than the show itself. Sound checks will not run continuously for the duration. They will take place on:

  • Friday 4th, 10:00-12:00: Line checking, set-up and sound system alignment. No music, only white/pink noise, clicks/tones and microphone checks.
  • Friday 4th, 12:00-19:00: Sound system tuning and propagation tests.
  • Saturday 5th, 09:00-12:00: Sound systems tuning time and sound checks for artists.
  • Sunday 6th, 09:00-13:00: Sound systems tuning time and sound checks for artists.

Preston Road Closures

Thursday 3rd August 2023
Preston Road will be closed from 20:00 to allow installation of residents fencing

Saturday 5th August 2023
Preston Road will be closed from 10:00 until approx. 00:00
Cleansing will happen during and after these times

Sunday 6th August 2023
Preston Road will be closed from 11:00 until approx. 00:00
Cleansing will happen during and after these times

Preston road – POLICE BARRIERS

The Police will once again be having security barriers installed at the North and South end of Preston Road. It is anticipated that this will happen on Thurs 3rd Aug 21:00-03:00 and be removed on Sun 6th Aug 23:00-04:00. Further information and exact timings of these installations will be made available closer to the event.

“As the Police appointed Counter Terrorism Security Coordinator for Pride 2023, it is my role to advise on proportionate recommendations in order to deliver a safe and secure event for all. We look at a range of options and this will include physical barriers and protective measures. As you may have seen on previous events, both in Brighton and nationwide, one of the most obvious measures are the vehicle barriers that we deploy around the event footprint. This is intended to provide a safe and secure area around the events for Pride 2023. We use the minimum number of barriers possible to achieve this whilst seeking to cause the minimal amount of disruption to the city and residents, all the while providing an appropriate level of security for the event and local community.

“I hope that the deployment of these barriers assures you of the importance of the security that both Pride and Sussex Police place on this event and that your safety is our priority.”

Sussex Police, Operation Pride CT Security Co-Ordinator.

Preston Road – Residents’ ACCESS

We will facilitate ‘blue light’ vehicle access to any resident property where this is required and this will be managed by the appropriate emergency service in conjunction with our onsite Traffic Team.

This year we will operate a Red-Amber-Green system for residents that need to leave or enter Preston Road. We will aim to facilitate all essential resident vehicle access via our on site dedicated Traffic Team where it is safe to do so. You will need to obtain a vehicle pass for your car from the Box Office on Preston Park’s front access road from Thursday 3rd August. Full details below.

Please be aware that there will be certain times when only emergency vehicle access is possible. If you rely on carers for your day-to-day health or medical needs please contact to discuss your requirements.

Residents’ ACCESS procedure

This is a guide to access through the Police security barrier at the north end of Preston Road during Pride 2023.

The following vehicles will be allowed access at all times;

I. Blue light/Emergency Services Vehicles
II. Main Stage Artists Vehicles –
III. Carers parking spaces reserved in the bowls club car park.
Assistance will be offered to carry heavy bags or kit to residents’ property
if required.
IV. Accredited vehicles going to bowls club – eg. pre-booked blue badge holders.

These vehicles are seen as essential to the safe running of the event as well as potentially serving those more vulnerable in the community. To limit the access of these vehicles would be damaging to the reputation of Pride / Sussex Police.

Preston road – Residents’ vehicle ACCESS pass (vap)

In order to obtain a Vehicle Access Pass (VAP) :

I. On Thursday 3rd or Friday 4th August 2023, 10am-3pm, residents can attend the Box Office on front road opposite Rookery with their residents access card, driving licence (for photo ID) and their vehicles’ V5 document.
II. Our team will check these are valid and issue a VAP. It will have a unique serial number written on it and the driver/s name. If more than one person is to drive the vehicle, then each person must present a licence to accreditation.

Preston road ACCESS

Brighton Pride CIC and the Police have agreed safe access will be determined by a Red, Amber and Green status system.

Red – no vehicles, other than those highlighted in (I) on previous page will be allowed access. This will be because there is a foreseeable large crowd in Preston Road.

Amber – residents, with valid Vehicle Access Passes will be allowed to enter or leave as long as it is safe to do so.

Green – the gates will be opened, and traffic will be allowed to flow normally.

Preston road – amber access process

Amber Process Entering Site

1. Resident arrives at first checkpoint and presents vehicle access pass (VAP)
and driving licence.
2. Staff at checkpoint validate the VAP.
3. A vehicle check will be done by gate team. If all in order vehicle is allowed through to await escort.
4. You will be met and escorted to your property by a member of the traffic team.

Amber Process Leaving Site

1. Please call the mobile number that is printed on your VAP.
2. Please give your VAP number, registration no. and road you wish to leave from,
3. Pride will radio the traffic team who will make their way to you and escort your vehicle off site NORTHBOUND ONLY.

current schedule of Red/ Amber / Green Times

Day Time On Time Off Status
Saturday 5th August 1000 1200 AMBER
Saturday 5th August 1200 1700 RED
Saturday 5th August 1700 2100 AMBER
Saturday 5th August 2100 2300 RED
Saturday 5th August 2300 0000 GREEN

Sunday 6th August 0001 1200 GREEN
Sunday 6th August 1200 1330 AMBER
Sunday 6th August 1330 1600 RED
Sunday 6th August 1600 2000 AMBER
Sunday 6th August 2000 2200 RED
Sunday 6th August 2200 ONGOING AMBER

The status of the gate will be agreed by the Police and Pride Management.

The above times are subject to change, and the status may change outside of these hours depending on the conditions at the site.

The safety of residents and ticket holders is our priority at all times.

Preston Park Residents’ LIAISON

We have a dedicated resident phoneline to address questions from local residents. this has been distributed to all households via a newsletter.

This line will be staffed between
09:00 – 23:00 Saturday 5th August
11:00 – 23:00 Sunday 6th August
09:00 – 17:00 Monday 7th – Wednesday 8th August

We anticipate the majority of ticket holders to have cleared Preston Park by 23:30 on Saturday night and 22:30 on Sunday night and we will endeavour to ensure that residents experience minimum disruption as event-goers leave Preston Park.

Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation and understanding.

Our thanks and best wishes,
Brighton Pride CIC