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Possessive, Personal, Relative, Reflexive, Indefinite, Demonstrative, Interrogative, Intensive 

Brighton Pride Culture ConneX proudly presents this unique collective of multi-faceted international artists

PRONOUNced features absorbing documentary photography, inspirational graphic designs, enigmatic illustrations, intense gaming experiences and experimental installations, alongside an uncompromising film screening programme centering unheard and obscured voices from across the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and the Americas.

PRONOUNced is produced by urbanflo creative in collaboration with an expert team of co-curators led by Pacheanne Anderson Gallery & Advisory and Otherness Archive. Adopting a sometimes whimsical but mostly provocative approach, the exhibition uncovers alternative unseen and untold stories that explore some of the deeply sensitive challenges faced by many individuals who are marginalised on the grounds of their gender, how they identify, how they look, and/or who/how they choose to love.

PRONOUNced platforms a potent range of creative expression presented by, with and for these ‘othered’ communities who are sharing their lifestyles, their sensibilities, their vulnerabilities and their cultures in the hope of promoting a better understanding and acceptance of different and inter-sectioning identities.

URBANFLO Contributors
Burrogrande Productions/Cathy Hassan (she/her) | Clare McNulty (she/they)
Emma J Gilbertson (they/them) | Jill Carpin (she/her) | Soofiya
Clare McNulty ‘Our Pride: Reclaiming The Rainbow’ Photographers
Penny Booth (she/her) | Sara Carpentieri (she/her) | Commissioned by HOME as part of Homemakers
Billy Kotsa (he/she/they/them) | Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley (they/them) | De’Anne Crooks (they/them)
Enorê (they/them) | Holly Jackson (she/her) | Ode (she/her) | Terrell Villiers (he/her/they)
Sweatmother (he/they) | Deborah Findlater (she/they) | May Ziadé (she/her)
OTHERNESS ARCHIVE Screening Programme Contributors
Alec Butler | Antonia Luxem | Sir Isaac Julien | Jamal Phoenix | Maz Murray Metin
Akdemir | Mitchel Reed & Lucah Rosenberg Lee | Mona Benyamin | Valentin Noujaïm

PRONOUNced is supported by the Brighton Pride Cultural Development Programme, Phoenix Art Space & Arts Council England

Read more about the Small Grant Scheme and Culture ConneX here:


Phoenix Art Space
10-14 Waterloo Pl, Brighton BN2 9NB

30th July to 28th August