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The Brighton Pride Community Parade ‘Carnival Of Diversity – Summer Of Love‘, supported by Gatwick Airport, is the jewel in our glittering Pride weekend. A vision of hope, unity and love, it is a life-affirming event that brings together the best of our city for a spectacular celebration with a spellbinding mix of music, floats, bands, costumes and dancing. With over 300,000 spectators and participants 2016’s Pride Community Parade broke all records as the UK’s favourite seaside city hosted one of the world’s greatest LGBT+ Pride events.

Filled with joy the Pride Community Parade brings together local and national LGBT+ organisations, charities, businesses, supporters and allies, public services, political groups, major corporate brands, artists, faith groups, performers, dancers, musicians and sports organisations. All are welcome regardless of age, race, religion, gender, ability or sexuality and all are smiling as the record-breaking parade spectacularly weaves its way through the streets of Brighton and Hove lighting up the city with love and Pride.

2017’s Pride Community Parade promises to continue the city’s proud tradition of delivering a Carnival Of Diversity to remember and applications for groups and organisations wishing to enter the parade are now open. It’s the perfect chance to show your support for the LGBT+ community and join Brighton Pride as we celebrate our Summer Of Love with an unforgettable display of solidarity.

Brighton Pride’s Community Parade 2017. The day when one city brings together our diverse communities under a sparkling rainbow to declare loud and proud that love will always win.