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‘Pride at the Ironworks’ supported by Tesco is a season of cabaret, comedy and live music celebrating LGBTQ+ culture and diversity, and part of a fantastic new year round cultural calendar that views the world through a variety of lenses, amplifying unheard voices into the mainstream.
Engaging with community grass roots organisations on all levels, we are currently developing new programmes and making connections with local organisations, groups and individuals who want to be a part of shaping what we offer.
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Ironworks Studios runs all its events within the current COVID guidelines.
If we have to reduce capacity due to new restrictions, the ticket holders who purchased last will be refunded first.

What’s On

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15th July 2021

13 Nov: The Enby show

The Enby Show –the best gender-benders and cis-tem offenders that…
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16th July 2021

19 Nov: Queefy

Queefy A cast of cabaret, drag, circus, sideshow, live vocals…
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17th July 2021

20 Nov: Lorraine Bowen’s Polyester Fiesta

Lorraine Bowen's Polyester Fiesta – 80 years special birthday anniversary party…
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19th July 2021

27 Nov: Boogaloo Stu’s Big Quiffy Bingo

Boogaloo Stu's Big Quiffy Bingo – Join the showbiz sensation…
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20th July 2021

04 Dec: Brightonian Queerity Cabaret

Brightonian Queerity Cabaret – a variety show full of dulcet…
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20th July 2021

05 Dec: The Glory’s Christmas Bauble

The Glory’s Christmas Bauble – East London's infamous cabaret mecca…
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21st July 2021

10 Dec: Cabaret Boheme’s “Tinsel and Tassels”

Cabaret Boheme’s “Tinsel and Tassels”  – an exquisite explosion of…
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22nd July 2021

17 Dec: Alfie Ordinary’s “Now That’s What I Call Bingo” Christmas Edition

Alfie Ordinary’s “Now That’s What I Call Bingo” Christmas Edition…
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23rd July 2021

18 Dec: The Bitten Peach present ‘Peach Chutney’

The Bitten Peach present ‘Peach Chutney’ – The only Late-night…
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23rd July 2021

23 Dec: The Brighton Festive Follies

The Brighton Festive Follies – A festive variety spectacular with…

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All of us at OneFamily are counting down to the…

Brighton & Hove Pride was thrilled to be one of 1,385 cultural and creative organisations across the country receiving urgently needed support as part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund (CRF) to help face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.