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RadioReverb is a proud part of Brighton’s LGBTQ+ community and broadcasts shows listened to and produced by an incredibly diverse and talented group of volunteers.

Out In Brighton is RadioReverb’s award-winning LGBT+ show and is the only show regularly serving the city’s LGBT+ population on FM. It brilliantly reflects the diversity of the city’s LGBT+ community by covering stories and providing a voice for contributors that are marginalised by other local stations. Hosted by the Kathy Caton, named by The Independent as one of its 101 most influential people in its annual Pink List, Out In Brighton covers everything from music and theatre to health and gardening.

Time for T on RadioReverb is presented by Clare Walker and is Europe’s first and only dedicated transgender FM radio show, featuring trans news, reviews and interviews from Brighton, the UK and across the globe.

RadioReverb’s Eleanor Dobing said, “Thanks to a grant from The Rainbow Fund RadioReverb now broadcasts the HIV Happy Hour show, created by Paul Thorn and hosted by Martin Chatfield and DJ Gary Watts. With a global listenership, the show gives a voice to people who are HIV-positive whilst challenging the negative opinions that people living with HIV commonly hold about themselves. The show also improves the self-esteem of people living with the virus and encourages people with HIV to make the most of the second chance at life that treatment affords to them”.

Photo by Nick Ford Photography.

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