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Seven-piece dance troupe from Alabama and Louisiana were due to make their debut European performance at this weekend’s Pride event.

3rd August 2019 (Brighton) It is with regret that Prancing Elites, the seven-piece, all black, male dance troupe and All4 reality stars from Louisiana and Alabama have withdrawn from this year’s Brighton & Hove Pride. The group, who were due to make their debut European performance at Friday’s Opening Party in the Pride Pleasure Gardens and appear at the LGBTQ+ Community Parade and Pride in the Park on Saturday, will not be attending due to personal reasons.

The group captured the attention of Brighton & Hove Pride, last year, by facing the fear and prejudice they encountered in their home states and rebelling against the boards who banned them from performing at school, to begin performing at sports games, parades and other local events. Their story turned them into viral superstars and this ultimately lead to them landing the reality show ‘The Prancing Elites Project’ for which they have become famous.

We extended an invitation to them to perform at this year’s event and are incredibly sad and disappointed not to be able to introduce the dance troupe to their UK audience.

We are sorry for any disappointment their withdrawal from the programme of events will cause and wish the Prancing Elites all the best and hope to reschedule their appearance at a future Pride.