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Pride have been have been working hard on ways can improve sustainability at our managed sites. Whilst its not possible to get rid of all single use plastic at our sites  immediately, we have been working with our suppliers to create a long term strategy which works both for the event and the environment.

In 2018 we have –

  • Instructed all our food concessions that food serving trays and cutlery must be compostable
  • Banned plastic straws from our bars
  • Replaced our plastic cups at our bars with compostable cups
  • Issued all staff, crew and volunteers a reusable water bottle to replace the single use plastic bottles used previously. Where the use of single use plastic water bottles can’t be avoided we will use Life Water who use a lower % of plastic in their bottle manufacturer.
  • Ensure that the majority of our waste is separated and recycled

Glitter is actually really bad for the planet but there are biodegradable options available so please help us by making the right choice.

We encourage all businesses across the City w to support our green agenda.

Pride goers can also  help us by making sure you use the recycle points across our festival sites and to encourage businesses to get on board with us.