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Parade with Brighton Pride Community Parade’s proud supporters

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The Brighton Pride Community Parade has been hailed as “One of the best Pride events in the world” by Lonely Planet. Stand amongst the 200,000+ spectators and that praise is easy to understand. The floats, banners, rainbow flags, costumes, campaigning placards, music, dance and the smiling, happy people. United together to create one of the most uplifting LGBT+ events on the planet.

And it’s an event that so many are proud to participate in. This year the Brighton Pride Community Parade promises to be the biggest to date as community groups, charitable organisation and businesses parade with Pride.

It’s a day when our business supporters including Barclays, Sainsbury’s, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Waitrose, Whitbread, Affinity Sutton, Buff Builders, Brighton Body Casting, Mortgage Medics, Pensions Regulator, Bearded Bros Removals, Bugle Communications, Sussex Steel and many more pledge their support for LGBT+ equality.

It’s a parade when we salute our local community groups, charities and organisations who support so many lives in our city including MindOut, Kendrick, Allsorts, Bear Patrol, BLAGSS, Peer Action, Sussex Beacon, Dykes On Bikes, LGBT & Friends Social Group, THT, East Sussex Scouts, Extratime, Grassroots Suicide Prevention, MCCB, LGBT Switchboard, Missing People, Martlets, HeartVenture, Alzheimer’s Society, Angels walk, Stay Up Late, Amnesty International, Dogs Trust and Barnados.

It’s the place to recognise (and enjoy those sirens and uniforms) as unions including NUT, UNITE and the NURMTW join our public service heroes and heroines SECAMB and ESFRS. And it’s a day the political parties be they Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or the Green Party parade the same path.

And it’s a Pride parade made truly spectacular by the sights, sounds, dance moves and perfect outfits of Brighton Rockers Roller Derby, Butlers With Bums, Cheek2Cheek, Marta Scott Dance Company, The Edge & Box Bar, Brighton School Of Samba and the B&H Sea Serpents RFC.

Brighton Pride 2016. A global event supported by national treasures and local heroes destined to celebrate our LGBT+ Carnival Of Diversity with each and every one of us.

Brighton Pride Community Parade
Saturday 6th August 2016

Brighton Pride Festival, Sat 6th August 2016, tickets are available here

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