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“We are delighted (and totally honoured) to be part of Brighton’s Gay Pride celebrations this summer. The Net Natives float will be sashaying its way through the streets of sunny Brighton, as part of the annual parade on the 6th August. So, expect rainbows, glitter and outfits to rival those of Lady GaGa, as we celebrate LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) equality and diversity!

Wait, why are Net Natives doing this?

In between the fun and frolics, it’s important to remember why Pride celebrations still need to happen in the UK. It wasn’t that long ago when all of this was illegal…

The whole team at Net Natives firmly believe that this video really outlines why Pride is so important. Being a Brighton born agency it feels only natural to get involved and give something back to such a supportive community. We can’t wait to join forces with other local organisations to raise awareness and show solidarity.

Not only does Net Natives support LGBT (we should actually go as far to say LGBTTTQQIAA) rights, we have also  worked on a number of LGBT digital projects within the Local Authority sector. For example, our successful campaign with West Sussex County Council, which increased fostering and adoption enquiries for LGBT carers. But this isn’t about us plugging the work we do, this is about Net Natives giving back to the community, which is why we’ll also be voting for and choosing a local charity which we can support, as well getting involved in loads of other projects in Brighton and the surrounding areas. Watch this space as Natives in the Community continues to evolve.

So, look out for the Net Natives float (naturally we opted for the biggest one), as we take part in the Brighton Pride extravaganza.