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The Legends Cabaret Big Top is the sequinned sensation at the heart of the Brighton Pride Festival in Preston Park. Your hostess is the Brighton Belle, Miss Lola Lasagne and as Pride gets set to “Colour My World” she has gathered together a rich artistes palette of the very best of the UK’s LGBTQ+ cabaret scene.

The rich mix of Brighton artistes provides the start of a beautiful picture with legends Maisie Trollette and Dave Lynn heading a divine combination of song and laughter, backed up by Spice and Miss Jason amongst others. Then we look to the likes of Sandra, Jennie Castell & Kara Van Park to provide some light, shade & contrast. Finally we finish off with a tartan blaze of glory that is Mary Mac and an extended medley along with the warmth, love & emotion of the powerhouse vocals belonging to the D.E. Experience.

It really is your first stop for a riotous celebration of queer, camp entertainment! And with Tony Chapman & Legends’ support, it shows off Brighton’s community spirit which makes Pride so special.


2.00pm – 4.00pm
Lola Lasagne, Sally Vate, Stephanie Von Klitz, Mrs Moore, Sandra, Spice, Lady Imelda, Miss Penny

4.00pm – 6.00pm
Miss Jason, Maisie Trollette, Lucinda Lashes, Davina Sparkle, Dave Lynn, Martha D’arthur, Son Ofa Tutu

6.00pm – 8.30pm
Lola Lasagne, Rose Garden, Jennie Castell, Kara Von Park, Mary Mac, D.E. Experience