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Get ready to delve into the musical soundscapes of the Kreitman project, an examination of personal honesty that addresses identity, sexuality, ethnicity, religion and creativity. An artist that will charm and intrigue, Kreitman’s work is both deeply personal yet universal in its theme, as All About the People and Absolution demonstrate as they beautifully examine humanity and a love lost.

Kreitman delivers songs for the head and the heart, songs which work equally well within the context of the lush electronic production of Simon Mills (best known for his work with the million-selling Bent) as in an intimate live setting.

In an era of mass produced female singers, Kreitman is a true artist in control of her art and professional trajectory. A powerful woman in the true sense of the word we can’t wait to welcome to Brighton Pride this summer.

Kreitman said: “I’ve been going to Pride events all over Europe since I first came out as a lesbian teenager. This year, I have launched my music project KREITMAN, and it’s a privilege to be able to perform to a Pride crowd, particularly in a city that is as switched on and open as Brighton. I’m proud to be a lesbian, proud to perform at Pride and prouder still to make my Pride debut with you, Brighton!”

You can catch up with Kreitman here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

The Pride Pleasure Gardens, bringing the best of Brighton’s community and culture to the heart of the city for your Pride pleasure.

Community Stage
Pleasure Gardens, Victoria Gardens.
Saturday 6th August 2016 2.30pm
Brighton Pride Festival Preston Park, Sat 6th August 2016. Tickets are available here
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