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Pride are pleased to announce the formation of an independent board to facilitate the Social Impact Fund, a new incentive set up by Pride to benefit the city’s communities in the area’s most affected by the social impact of the Pride weekend celebrations.

The Social Impact Fund board members will include the editors of the city’s main media outlets and will comprise of Mike Gibson (The Argus), Greg Hadfield (Brighton & Hove Independent), James Ledward (Gscene Magazine), Tim Ridgeway, and Bill Smith (The Latest).

2015 saw Brighton Pride raise a record-breaking £100,000 with £90,000 to the Rainbow Fund and £10,000 donated directly to the new Social Impact Fund. Contributions from venues benefitting from the 2015 Pride Village Party (this equates to £250 for small venues and £500 for large venues) raised a total of £7,750 towards the Social Impact Fund and will enable Pride to support more local good causes that benefit all our communities.

The Social Impact Fund board will circulate the criteria for applications late October with successful applications expected to be granted late December 2015.