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In an exclusive head-to-head Brighton Pride interview, singer-songwriters Heather Peace and Lucy Spraggan talk beer fear, LGBT+ Pride, Harvey Milk, Ellen and superheroines.

What does Brighton means to you?

LP: Best damn place.

HP: Home sweet home

What can we expect from your Pride Unplugged performance?

LP: Some tracks old and new, and my new single!

HP: I’m doing the whole show naked!

What was the first ever Pride event you attended?

LP: Manchester Pride; it was quite a foundation for my career.

HP: It was London Pride and I was 19 years old. Section 28 was still in place and all I remember was the deafening sound from whistles being blown by the marchers. I felt a part of something huge that was slowly changing.

What has caused you the biggest beer fear?

LP: I once cracked my head open on a fairground ride. I’d had a few beers so didn’t think it was too bad… I woke up in the morning with no recollection of the night before, but I did have a selfie of me with a reindeer on my phone. I know!

HP: I would never ever tell a stranger this, let alone when it’s going to print?! Are you mad? Good effort though….

You are the new LGBT+ superheroine. What would your name, outfit and superpowers?

LP: I’d deffo wear pants over my outfit like any good superhero. Socks pulled right up too. SUPERGAY.

HP: I’d like to be able make people empathise and be kind. And be able to click my heels and go anywhere in the world. I could go all over world softening warlords and dictators in the blink of an eye. The costume? Good running shoes to get me out of situations. No heels. I’d be called The Dictator Eradicator!

If you could light up any building in the world with Pride’s rainbow colours which would it be and why?

LP: Donald Trump’s tower.

HP: The Kremlin. I think Vladimir would like it very much.

Who is your LGBT+ heroine / hero?

LP: Harvey Milk. He was an incredible activist and led a movement that changed America substantially.

HP: It’s a cliché but Ellen DeGeneres broke so many barriers down. It was such a massive deal when she essentially came out on the show. People had to talk about it and I think it ultimately changed things.

Why does Pride matter?

LP: It represents what our LGBT brothers and sisters fought for; it reminds us that the world is forever changing and that we are stepping closer to equality.

HP: I like that in the UK it’s become a celebration of LGBT culture that everyone can share in, for LGBT and our straight friends. But there’s still work to do. It helps so many charities in the fight against bullying. And our visibility gives hope to other countries where being LGBT is still illegal.

Pride Unplugged with Heather Peace and Lucy Spraggan. A Rainbow Fund Benefit Concert. Friday 5th August, 6pm, Pride Pleasure Gardens. See page 22 for more details.

Pride Unplugged at the Pride Pleasure Gardens with Heather Peace and Lucy Spraggan. A night of unique Pride performances awaits you.

RainbowFund_Logo copy 2This is a ticketed event and a benefit concert for The Rainbow Fund.
Tickets available HERE.

Friday 5th August 2016
Pride Pleasure Gardens, Victoria Gardens, Brighton BN1 1WN.
Doors open 6pm. Entertainment from 7pm
Licensed bar and food available.

Tickets are limited so we advise advance booking.
£8 Early Bird – £10/£12 Advance – more on the gate if available.

Why not extend your Pride Holiday ? The Pride campsite Camp Camp is now over 4 days ! Click Here for details.

Pride Festival on Preston park tickets available Here