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No matter where you are, you can always find your way to the Pride Dance Big Top – just follow the beat rumbling through the grass beneath your feet. The pulsating heart of Brighton & Hove Pride, the Pride Dance Tent is set to return to the huge big top that it calls home – hosted in 2019 by He.She.They.

Can you remember when dance music culture was all about breaking down barriers, rather than building them? When it didn’t matter who you were just as long as you were friendly and you could be yourself? Well we feel it’s high time to return to those inclusive, ideological roots. From DJs to performers, He.She.They. are about giving those who push boundaries a platform, and we invite our partygoers to push their own boundaries.

He.She.They. want to create a sanctuary; a place without prejudice; where people can be people. To create a utopia where people feel they belong whilst expressing their utmost individuality. Where they can spread their creative wings and relinquish the shackles imposed by society, irrespective of age, race, sex, gender, ability, religion, background or their sexual preference. It’s a really simple ethos: have a good time whilst being respectful to others. If you bring a bad attitude, if your intolerances come to the surface, you will not be welcomed.

Previous events: Ministry of Sound London; Watergate Berlin; Pacha Ibiza; Opium Dublin; 99 Scott New York; Rex Club Paris; De Marktkantine Amsterdam; Digital Newcastle

Experimentation is encouraged. Just remember, you only live once! We live by the mantra that’s it’s far better to regret the things you have done, than the things you haven’t!

Previously playing host to some of clubland’s greats – including international superstar DJs Fatboy Slim, Boy George, DJ Fresh, The Freemasons, Seamus Haji, Prök & Fitch, Steve Pitron, Kid Massive, Paul Heron and Maze & Masters, if Pride were a religion, the Pride Dance Big Top would be its church. And with yet-more A-list names set to grace its hallowed decks this year, it will serve up the finest house and biggest beats to a crowd that just doesn’t want to stop.

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line up:
Kim Ann Foxman · Marshall Jefferson · Maze & Masters · Paul Heron · Wax Wings · FKA · Affy Go Bang · Michelle Manetti

Photos Jess Pearce, Gemma Bell et al.