As Pride goes forward with planning for Pride 2018 we are continuing our consultation meetings with LGBT organisations and LGBT groups.

We want your feedback and input to shape Pride going forward.
What can we do differently this year to make Pride better for the community.

Brighton Pride 2018 is all set to be a riot of colour as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic Rainbow Flag with our theme ‘Colour My World’.

Originally commissioned by politician and activist Harvey Milk and devised by artist Gilbert Baker in San Francisco in 1978, the rainbow flag is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) pride and LGBT+ social movements. The flag has no rules, no protocol that governs its display and is the community’s for the taking.

For 2018’s ‘Colour My World’ we are returning to the flag’s original eight colours of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet representing, respectively: sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit.

The eight colour Rainbow Flag reminds us that ours is a diverse community –composed of people with a variety of individual tastes of which we should all be proud.

Pride has evolved over the years with more communities coming together to celebrate every aspect of our city, regardless of sexuality, race, gender, age or ability. It’s important not to go back to themes that trivialise the important message behind the Pride Celebration and to highlight the lives and struggles of LGBT+ people across the world as we strive for equality for all.

Future engagement meetings will be advertised on the Pride website, Pride Facebook page and G Scene magazine.
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