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As well as our ongoing commitment to support and fundraise for the Brighton Rainbow Fund that supports our essential LGBTQIA+ community groups and projects, we are also keen to highlight and support local grassroots and volunteer-led organisations.

For 2024 we are delighted to be working with, and fundraising for, the 3 groups below. Each has been assigned an allocation of discounted fundraising tickets and will benefit from at least 50% of any sales that they secure, allowing their networks to buy Fabuloso tickets knowing their purchase will directly benefit their chosen charity or community group.

If you would like more info about these groups or support them directly, please use the links below.

TPB Fundraising Tickets Here

Trans Pride Brighton & Hove is a registered charity in England & Wales (number 1162738), and is the first and the largest Trans Pride event outside of America.

A grass-roots, community-led organisation run by a team of volunteers, each year since 2013 they’ve host the largest protest for trans liberation in Europe, with over 10,000 people attending. Their aim is to inspire all trans, intersex, gender variant and queer people to help make a real difference by celebrating trans lives and gender diversity, and to educate and eliminate discrimination by promoting equality and diversity through visibility, while also celebrating our unique history.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

MAP Fundraising Tickets Here

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees, and provides immediate medical aid to those in great need while also developing local capacity and skills to ensure the long-term development of the Palestinian healthcare system.

Website | Instagram | Facebook

GSP Fundraising Tickets Here

We have lived experience of suicide. We know what it is like to be in crisis. We understand the pressure of trying to keep someone safe and the complex emotions including guilt, shock, and intense grief after a suicide.

We empower people to help save lives from suicide through educating, connecting and campaigning nationally.

In the UK, 115 people die by suicide every week. We are working to change that. We do know that suicides can be prevented with timely intervention and anyone can learn these life-saving skills. We can all reduce the stigma around suicide by campaigning for change and talking about it openly.

Website | Instagram | Facebook