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It is time for a glorious Summer Of Love in 2017 as Brighton Pride celebrates the landmark fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales with a life affirming Carnival Of Diversity and spectacular weekend long Pride Festival.

Brighton Pride’s 2017 Summer Of Love will be a stunning celebration of our LGBT+ community and supporters, bringing together the best of Brighton & Hove under a giant rainbow flag. A festival like no other, a campaign to inspire, a party to remember and a fundraising weekend to be proud of, Brighton Pride’s Summer Of Love will be the most spectacular Pride event of 2017, filled with joy, love, and pride.

In 1967 our LGBT+ community began its long march towards full equality when homosexuality was decriminalised. We still have a long way to go to ensure everyone across the globe has the freedom to live but as we have witnessed so often over the past fifty years, laws can be challenged, prejudices addressed, walls broken down, rights won and lives changed.

The 2017 Brighton Pride Community Parade, supported by Gatwick Airport, is a Carnival Of Diversity, an opportunity to reflect the fabulously diverse and unique communities whom we are lucky enough to share our city with. Forever surprising, always engaging and constantly educating 2017’s Carnival Of Diversity will fill Brighton & Hove’s streets with love, light and laughter as the colour and cohesion of our communities combine to create a explosion of life-affirming brilliance throughout the Brighton Pride Community Parade.

Coming together as a community to declare our unity has become more important than ever, as we continue to face the challenges of those around the world who would take the LGBT+ community back to the days before decriminalisation and equality. But together with Pride we can keep moving forward, celebrating, campaigning and connecting.

So join us in August for Brighton Pride’s 2017 Summer Of Love and our sensational Carnival Of Diversity and help us declare, fifty years on from the decriminalisation of homosexuality, love wins.

Tickets are now available here.