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Brighton Pride is bearly unable to contain our excitement. Yes as you can guess from the furry pun we are thrilled to announce that the 2016 Men’s Zone will be co-hosted by Brighton Bear Weekend. Ahead of hosting their Western themed Men’s Zone, we caught up with BBW’s Graham Munday to talk all things bear, Pride and lassos.

“The whole of the Brighton Bear Weekend team are thrilled to be asked again to co-host this year’s Men’s Zone at Brighton Pride with London club BRUT” said Graham. “We think with the theme of unifying nations what is more appropriate than the biggest event aimed at gay men in the south teaming up with the club that is the best men’s night to happen to London this decade”.

“The theme is Western so expect the area to be packed with the horniest hunks, beefiest bears, leather men in chaps and cowboys ready to lasso you in for fun. The tent will be filled dancing to the best local and international superstar DJs. When you have enough of the dancing the area has its own bar with plenty of straws bales to relax on and chat to old friends and make new ones”.

“Pride is such a special time,” Graham added. “It is a time to celebrate our friendships, the battles we have won and the ones to come as we remember that while it is not always perfect here, we enjoy an equality LGBTQ people across the world are denied. We wish everybody coming to Brighton Pride a fantastic, safe time at what is the best Pride in the country. See you in the BBW & Brut Men’s Zone”.

You can catch up with Brighton Bear Weekend here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Brighton Pride Festival, Sat 6th August 2016, tickets are available here

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