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susan is an experimental electro pop artist , led by the unique musings of singer/songwriter/producer Chester Krikken. susan explores the overpowering feelings of growing up different, documenting their utopian getaway. The melancholic lyrical woes are transformed into an archive of hope and surreal daydreaming. Sinister electronica loops and guitar riffs encapsulating poetic singing, kaleidoscopic dissonant noises and abstract vocal melodies.
Taking influence from artists like: Pulp, Anohni and Lorde, susan hopes to create a sound that is undeniably dark pop, with a hard hitting message.
During 2018, sue underwent a UK tour with an American Band, in order to promote upcoming music, gain new fans and warm up to the release of their second 2018 release ‘God Compex’ . susan also performed at Latitude Festival last summer, surrounded by other influential artists.
susan’s next project is a self produced mixtape titled ‘Spit on it’, set for release early this year. susan continues the message of expression and self identification and writes about the struggles of finding oneself whilst feeling content in a world that is truly uncomfortable. Combining their natural electronic background with indie singer/songwriter/producer, ‘James Casperr’ susan aimed for a more emotional commercial sound.
The single to the mixtape titled ‘Immune’ will be released with a visual, this being currently filmed for soon release. Working closely with film maker ‘Harvey Frost’ and their company ‘misc’, the aim is to make the mixtape more of a visual experience, with music videos accompanying the tracks.
In January 2019, susan will be on the road again, touring around the UK. Previewing their new material whilst also performing some sounds from their first EP ‘acne’.


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Preston Park, Brighton.

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