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Robbie Zereka is an Irish born alternative-rock musician based in London. One of six children from a loud, rural Irish family, he thanks his mother for his resolution seeking approach to life and lyricism. Robbie lists The Cardigans, Arctic Monkeys, Goldfrapp and The Cranberries as his main influences. Catch Robbie on stage around the UK soon to witness his emotive and energetic performance in the flesh.

Robbie Zereka is one of six children from a loud, rural Irish family. Based in London, Zereka lists The Cardigans, Arctic Monkeys and Goldfrapp as the main influences behind his alternative-rock leanings.

Zereka is gearing up for a headline slot at Hospital Club in London on 8th August to launch his debut single Favourite Feelings. He wrote the song to help a friend who suffers from depression so it felt like a natural choice to align with the mental health charity, SANE, to use the event to raise awareness for the issue.


BIMM Live Stage is part of the new LoveBN1Fest
Sunday 5th August 20218
Preston Park, Brighton.

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