Aquapax, the original plant conscious, drinking water in a majority paper carton! Aquapax paper cartons are one of the most ecologically sensitive, low carbon impact, package options available – using renewable and wholly recyclable materials. The wholly recyclable carton material is mostly paperboard made from trees, sourced from sustainably renewed, FSC Certified forests. For over 10 years, Aquapax have been elevating themselves above the ongoing war on plastic: making them unique in the market.

Together with healthy oceans, forests are also the lungs of the earth, consuming CO2 and giving off vital Oxygen. Aquapax have a reforestation program, committed to collecting indigenous tree seeds and establishing tree nurseries. Creating significant employment with specific small holder farmers on their own land, geared to ecological enhancement. Every time you purchase an Aquapax at Pride, you’re contributing towards the program, so thank you for making a difference!

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