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Access for deaf, disabled, elderly and those with mobility issues

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Brighton & Hove’s LGBT Community Safety Forum work with Pride to provide unparalleled Access facilities and services for the deaf, disabled, elderly and those with mobility issues, and their volunteers work alongside Brighton Pride to ensure Pride is an accessible event that everyone can enjoy.

Again this year, the deaf, disabled, elderly and those with mobility issues will have a Safe Space at the head of the Pride Community Parade. Brighton Pride are aware that many deaf, disabled and older Pride goers will need to march in a space where access stewards are available to prevent them from being crowded out or bumped into, where they can feel confident and therefore proud.

Pride will be working with the volunteers at the Brighton & Hove LGBT Community Safety Forum (LGBT CSF) to enable this ‘safe space’ remains at the front of the march. This will also help to ensure that the whole parade moves at a pace that is suitable for everyone. We welcome all deaf, older and disabled people to join us in this space.

Brighton Pride will provide golf buggies to follow the safe space, which will allow registered participants who are unable to walk the full distance to participate in the parade. People with their own mobility scooters or wheelchairs will be able to recharge them in the Access Tent at the end of the Parade. Access Stewards will also be prepared to assist those people who need to leave the safe space for any reason.

The Access Tent at Pride Festival will be at the southern end of Preston Park making it easier to get to from the parade finish area. The Access Tent will not just be a meeting point but a safe space and place to report any incidents. The Tent will also serve as a key information point for Pride, and will have an information desk outside the tent, with a sign language interpreter present at all times.

As in previous years, the Access Tent will have accessible toilets within its grounds, accessible only though the tent, not accessible directly from outside. The Access Tent will also include a High Dependency Unit, which is a fully accessible toilet with room for two carers, a wheelchair user, and has a powered hoist and a changing table. For the second year we will be running the very popular freedom pass scheme to provide toileting access to those who need it the most. RADAR keys will be available from the Access Tent (for accessible public toilets elsewhere in the city i.e. outside Preston Park)

A programme of British Sign Language interpreted performances will be available throughout the park on the day and a one to one British Sign Language service will be available on the day. Pride-goers will be able to book their interpreter and explore the park, order some food, visit the fairground or visit the other community stalls.

Directions to the Access Tent will be present throughout the park, and all stewards will be briefed on the access tents location and the LGBT CSF procedure for assisting disabled, elderly, deaf and hearing-impaired people.

Anyone with access issues wishing to purchase a ticket should purchase tickets from the main ticket shop, but should use the access gate marked on the ticket.

Carers are free and customers should  register for details below and we’ll send you details early 2016.

If you are interested in Accessibility at Brighton Pride, please fill in this form to be kept updated.