A financial mutual in the heart of Brighton, we are proud to support families, embrace diversity and celebrate Brighton Pride

Helping you put your money where your love is

Based a stone’s throw from the beach in Brighton we are OneFamily, a financial mutual employing over 500 people and serving over 2 million customers across the UK.

We are passionate about families and how we can help them meet the financial demands of modern life. For the last forty years we have been helping families to help each other.

A small fact you might not know about us, 1 in 12 families in the UK trust us with their savings and investments, or have an insurance policy with us. And we look after over £7 billion of behalf of our customers.

With over 2 million customers we know that families are more diverse than ever and have hugely varied financial demands, but that the one thing binds them all together is the love that they have for each other. And we help families of all shapes and sizes to put their money where their love is.

For many of us, there’s nothing more important in life than family. We put our heart and soul into caring for those we love most. But sometimes we all need a bit of extra help. The OneFamily Foundation is here to give that extra financial support by helping our customers and their communities with personal grants of up to £500 or community awards up to £25,000.

It’s what we believe mutuality looks like in the 21st century.

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If you want to find out more about us watch our video

If you want to find out more about our OneFamily Foundation watch our video